Where ideas are born!

Inspired by nature
transformed into

Podium has always dealt with custom furniture projects by focusing on combining technical with functional precision, innovation of forms with space innovation, in order to produce not only equipment and furniture but new conceptions of environments where to cook and live. Because it is indeed from your needs that ideas are conceived and our project for your home takes shape.

For me, furnishing our own home, our own little world, is a rewarding pleasure, but it also represents the quest for a more profound existence, regardless of whether it is a minimalist construction, a period townhouse, a loft or a commercial building. To capture the dynamic tension of each habitat is an exciting task that is simultaneously full of promise and potential. To accept such a challenge is essentially idealistic but it also has considerable appeal: the job of an interior designer is to apply their greatest skills in empathizing with another person’s journey in life.

A relationship of mutual trust

In doing so they slowly glean various unique and profound elements and characteristics, identify with them and meet each individual’s needs whilst placing the right amount of emphasis on the setting and balancing practical functionality with aesthetic qualities. A relationship of mutual trust forms during this journey to create the dream home. The designer works in complete harmony with the customer, peeling back the layers to their secret and deepest desires, as they take them by the hand until the home they want materializes. 

Corporate Design

Adelheid Bernasconi is the co-founder and director of Podium Industries, together with her husband Edy Bernasconi who also administers and coordinates the furniture production. Assisted by professionals and skilled collaborators, she is the company’s leader with regards to Corporate Design, the mood of the collections and interior design projects. She boasts inborn skills in matching colours and materials in the space available with the furnishing solutions that Podium live proposes in its projects up to transforming trends in necessary home furniture.

Adelheid is a design lover, visionary, independent, frequent traveller, she informs herself and founds her resources, she is ready to absorb dynamism, intense stimuli and future trends of Interior Design aesthetic compositions. She inspired to all of the above to furnish the home solutions proposed in Podium projects in the volume available. Her training began with a diploma in commerce with specialization in Banking, followed by a Diploma as Fashion stylist at FHSfG, in Pforzheim, Germany, with a career as independent Designer.

Goals and Sustainability

Our team focuses every day on the values that characterise us, in order to confer quality in every product we make, and for the good image and wellbeing of the company. The aims towards exalting quality, the experience acquired as well as our enthusiasm make us unique in our work. Our technological equipment is constantly developed and updated, so that the perfection pursued in each work phase is visible in the form of sustainability in the finished product, thus saving resources for a better final result.